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Eyewear Repairs Made Easy:

Quality eyewear repairs  Quality: Laser technology back with a 1 year warranty

Free eyeglass and sunglass repair shipping  FREE Shipping: FREE pick up and delivery of your glasses

Eyeglass and sunglass repair tracking  Real-time Tracking: “Order Status” link on top of our website

Eyeglass and sunglass repair communication
 Communication: We email you every step of the way

Eyeglass repairs within 24 to 48 hours  Fast Service: 24-48 hour eyewear repair turnaround
Affordable eyewear repair  Affordable: Repairs start at $12 with most repairs under $40

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Eyeglasses Repair

Send your broken glasses to us for repair
Sending us your glasses
  • Simply fill out our easy to use order form and follow packing instructions to the right
  • We provide a free shipping label with tracking, so you can track your order in transit
  • You can schedule a pick up to any valid address provided by our U.S Postal Service

Confirm options and cost and carry out the eyeglasses repair
We receive and fix your broken glasses
  • Once we receive your glasses we notify you that your glasses have arrived
  • Our expert technicians will then thoroughly inspect your glasses
  • An email with all available options, which include description and cost per option, will be sent
  • Once an option is chosen and processed online our technicians will quickly proceed
  • Most orders are usually processed and shipped back within 24 to 48 hours

We return your repaired glasses within 24 to 48 hours
We return your repaired glasses
  • Most orders are usually processed and shipped back within 24 to 48 hours
  • We will send out an email with tracking number and link once your order shipped
  • You can track your order online at usps.com

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Eyeglasses Repair

Packaging your glasses Safely

Our 3 Step Process: Wrapping up glasses for shipping

Help prevent your glasses from scratches and further damage

  • If your glasses are in multiple pieces, wrap each piece individually with a paper towel or tissue.
  • This will help prevent your lenses from being scratched by loose pieces.
Securing glasses in box

Securing your eyeware during transit

  • Take all wrapped pieces and wrap together and place in a small box to be shipped in.
  • Hard eyewear cases are recommendable, but fixmyglasses does not assume responsibility for cases.
Packaging glasses with order form

Enclosing all pertinent content to assure smooth process

  • Enclose filled out "ORDER FORM" to help fixmyglasses identify your order
  • Fill excess space in box with newspaper, bubble wrap, paper towel or tissue.This will assure that the eyewear is properly processed and not bouncing around the box during transit.
Glasses ready to ship

Sealing your label and eyewear

  • Seal box and place postage label visibly on box. It is okay to use Clear Transparent tape to tape over label.
  • Clear transparent tape will help water proof label to prevent barcodes and print from being smeared. Only completely clear tape should be used (USPS does not allow any other tape over label)

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Eyeglasses Repair

About Us

fixmyglasses uses the latest technology to efficiently process every eyewear order from beginning to end. With over ninety years of combined experience fixing eyeglasses and sunglasses, our master eyewear repair technicians and opticians have a solution for all eyewear issues. By combining experience with technology along with a one year warranty on our eyewear repairs and devoted customer service, fixmyglasses has created an unparalleled experience when it comes to online eyewear repair service.

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